Poolside App

Individual Downloads Poolside onto his Device

Maybe it’s already on his device before coming to your hotel (used at a hotel elsewhere)…

Or he downloads while at your hotel from the relevant ‘store’ (maybe using QR code on signage within your hotel).

The individual then registers (including his name.).

Once Checked in at a Participating Hotel…

  • … the individual then opens Poolside
  • And inputs hotel code, room number, departure date.
  • The hotel’s poolside menu then appears – and remains till check-out date.
Poolside App
Poolside App Ordering

Once at the Pool…

  • … he opens Poolside
  • Browses the menu
  • And then submits his order.

Before completing his order, he is asked to input his table, sunbed or zone number.

How Does the Hotel Learn of the Order?

The orders are sent to a secure web page (the Poolside Order Management System or “OMS”) – which:

  • Can operate through the native android Poolside Waiter app, or
  • Can be viewed on any web browser (PC, tablet, even smartphone).